Tutorial How To

Finding Helpful Tutorials

Get the answers for any project.

There's a method to seeking out the right tutorials. And once you know this research trick you'll be able to find anything and learn anything online.

The beautiful thing about the internet is that there is so much information readily available from people who have been generous enough to share their knowledge.

Customers often contact me struggling to figure out a new software program or how to create a specific project with one of my templates.

The questions asked are usually vague or broad in scope and almost never hone in on the very first obstacle at hand. Instead the customer is focused on the end result they want instead of breaking the project down into logical and sequential steps. And that's really the basis for what I'll be talking about here.


The first issue most beginners have is thinking about their project in it's final form and then asking questions based on the end result they're looking for.

It kind makes sense right? If you're trying to design planner stickers for example, you might naturally try searching for tutorials on 'how to design planner stickers'.

This approach though likely won't bring up an abundance of results, and the ones you do get aren't as likely to address your specific needs.

Instead of thinking about the project as a whole, you need to break it up into a series of processes. And then search for tutorials for each specific process.

There will be an abundance of tutorials showing you how to do each step as a general process, rather than a project specific tutorial.


Using the example of planner stickers and my own templates, you might be starting with the question, which program am I going to use?

Once you answer that question you can move through each step as you need answers. Perhaps you want to change the color of the stickers in my template but don't know how. You would then search for "how to change shape colors in photoshop" for example. And so on.

By focusing on each task that needs to be performed within a project you can seek out mini tutorials for each step along the way as needed.

And you will find way more information at the task level than you will at the finished project end. That's because tasks are going to be the same regardless of the project.

As in the color change example above, that process will be the same regardless of what the shape is, so that step can be applied to any similar file for any type of project.


A big dilemma in searching out design tutorials is knowing what words to use to describe the thing you're trying to do. This can be a real stumbling block.

My approach has always been to start with something, anything, in a google search. Even if I know I'm calling it the wrong thing, and to keep trying different combinations until I get back results that make sense. I usually end up finding the correct terminology along the way to refine my searches until I get exactly what I'm after.

It's a trial and error process that can sometimes take a bit more time. If I'm really struggling I might post the question in one of the many forum groups I'm in and I'll usually get help pretty quickly.

I highly recommend peer groups for any hobby or craft you're involved with as it's usually a great place to get feedback and learn!