As an illustrator and designer for 15+ years I have worked to create a variety of digital design resources specifically aimed at micro business owners and handmade makers.

I opened my first Etsy shop, Lovelytocu, in 2008 with a unique line of girly graphic illustrations that I still sell today across three platforms.

Ten years later I started Terrific Templates in order to create a separate space for my growing collection of templates. With an abundance of customer feedback and design requests, this collection continues to grow and remain popular with a wide variety of designs.

Whether you are an aspiring designer or well experienced, using templates in the design process can be a huge time saver, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your project.

The templates offered in my shop include a wide enough variety of file types that a designer can use just about any software or device type to create their project. The versatility is broad.

This is one reason why very specific tutorials are not provided for every template and general guidance is offered instead. There are just simply too many ways to achieve the same end goal and the needs of each customer can vary significantly.

Here on this site I have aimed to provide the most essential information for new template users to provide that extra little bit of guidance on how to get started.

No matter your skill level, every template will be provided with the file formats you need for your preferred design system.

Shawnna Rennae Porter