Tutorial How To

Open and Use Canva Templates

Using Canva Frames

Announcement: If you purchased a Canva template from me prior to Jan 26, 2024 the Canva template links you have likely do not work. Due to a hiccup in my Canva account most of my template links had to be reset. Please just contact me on Etsy where I can see your order and I will send you new links!


Unlike many software programs, Canva templates can not be download as a file type to share and distribute. Instead, templates are saved right inside the website and are shared via a web link.

If you purchase Canva templates, from me or anyone else, you'll likely receive a PDF with the link provided in the document alongside some instructions. Like the one pictured left!

You simply open the provided PDF, click the link as indicated and a web page should open with the template in question (as pictured) and a button to "use template for new design." See image example in the PDF.

When you have clicked the "use template" button it will open the template in your own Canva account (you will be prompted to login if you are not already). See image below left for how this will then look.

Where you have Canva frames in the template, as in this example, you can simply drag and drop any photo or video onto each shape. You can also change any shape to a solid color using the color swatch tool. See image below right.

Continue designing as you like using any of Canva's available tools.

If you have trouble opening the template, or you experience a link not working properly, contact me for assistance.